#DEFENDERCAST – Episode 1 – What is #defendercast

I have finally done it. Here is Episode 1 of #defendercast 

This is extremely rough. My editing skills have proven to be woeful but to be honest I am really happy to have recorded and produced my very first podcast. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. 

This us unedited! Hopefuly (if you get passed the first 5 mins of waffle) you will hear that I start to improve and grow into my new role as podcast host.

You will notice some very strange videos and pictures on this youtube version of the podcast. Im really just playing around with what I can and cant do moving forward. I appreciate your patience with this. 

All feedback required asap as I am constantly trying to improve. Unfortunately the first 5 mins is a little poor and whilst I fumble around but then it starts to flow better. 


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