Fergus Dyer-Smith joins Duncan Kreeger for #DefenderCast SE02 E04.

Fergus has an incredible background in business and has built Wooshii up over many years, Wooshii help brands realise their potential with video content both internally and externally, they help content creators to brands and manage the workflow of content delivery worldwide.

Check out the business and the technology behind it over at https://wooshii.com/ 

The podcast covers many different topics such as mental health and how the health of the CEO or business leader directly impacts the health of others, meaning it’s vital to find the best way to look after your mental health, coping with it and finding the best possible mechanisms to ensure that you can function on a daily basis and ensure that you are creating a positive environment for your team to express themselves and feel comfortable to talk about issues and deal with them appropriately.

The podcast also covers leanings they have both made in business and the trajectory of success of both TAB and Wooshii.

There’s also a really keen discussion on what’s next after hero, hub hygiene.

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