#DefenderCast is proud to present an interview with Lee Bushell by Duncan Kreeger.

Lee and Duncan are long term friends who’s careers have followed very similar paths, underpinned by hard work, being strong-willed and having a determination to not let failures or bumps in the road get in their way.

This was a special day as we took #DefenderCast on the road and outside of London (shock horror) to the suburbs of Birmingham to Edgbaston.

During the day, Lee gave us a tour around his HQ where he houses the majority of his companies and allows companies he’s invested in to use the space, this way of working is a brilliant way of maximizing the skill-sets of a team across multiple businesses. You’ll have to check out our Vlog of the day which will be over on our social channels soon (links at the end of this description).

The interview focuses on the plotted history of Lee’s business and investment adventures and centres around Lee’s beliefs of investing in people and very much seeing the people behind the investment opportunities.

From nightclubs to recruitment company investments with a friend of Lee and TAB, Tom Wilkinson of  http://www.wilkinsonpartners.com/ who featured in an earlier Vlog for TAB check it out here https://youtu.be/yM4m-k_HRkE

As always we follow a theme of Business, Property and Positive thinking once you’ve listened to this, do check out the full video with behind the scenes access to the incredible location we shot this podcast.

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Thank you for listening.

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