Once they get over the shock that I am hosting a podcast called DefenderCast, I then tell them it will be recorded in the back of Landrover Defender. Its at that point that it becomes obvious, people think I am mad.

My passion for cars cannot and will not be ignored. From the moment I decided that I was going to make my podcast dream a reality I knew that I wanted to take it on the road. I wanted to go and hunt down good people to interview and who's stories I thought my followers (if I ever have any) would want to hear. I wanted to be mobile. What better way than in a Defender?

I was also considering how I was going to pay for all of this. I didn't want yet another new business with a drain on my cash and a 2 year plan of how to become cash positive. I just wanted to get on with it.

So here is the plan. I sell my current Landrover Defender. This is not something I ever really considered doing. I bought it as a long term investment. Over the years my skills have been honed and I choose cars more carefully.

However, the value of this car is actually very high now and I certainly have enough to sell up and use the cash as follows:

  1. Buy a new landrover defender 110
  2. Strip out and redesign the back
  3. Soundproof the entire truck to ensure studio like finish
  4. Interior design (cigar lounge / podcast recording and live stream studio)
  5. Supply sound recording and monitoring equipment
  6. Very high tech alarm and immobilizer systems
  7. Fill up with petrol and go

I will keep you all posted of how I get on. In the meantime, enjoy episode 1.

We will be from an alternative location for now.

Many thanks,